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I've been told by previous dates that they felt that I was not particularly interested in them, despite me being very much so. I've been told this comes down to a lack of intimacy on a first date, for example a date has gone well but saying goodbye in the end, they thought I was not interested because I didn't attempt to kiss them.

For me, this comes down to a mindset of not wishing to overstep boundaries and make the date feel uncomfortable. I have to feel absolutely certain that they're into me before I feel comfortable taking this step. Obviously, they have been very interested in me doing exactly that.

What advice could you give for someone who is (apparently) terrible at feeling the mood and feel extremely awkward being the one to initiate this intimacy, despite being told it was actually wished for, at a later time?

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As a male using Tinder and dating apps with some success, I feel like the dating market today is largely dominated by the man having to invest energy and time into meeting and approaching women, however it (almost) never goes the other way. Dating in general drains me of energy because it requires constant attention and effort.

I realize this is a mindset issue and that the dating market will probably not change since women are in such high demand in comparison to men on these apps, but what could one do to change dating into something that isn't draining of energy, but rather feels fulfilling, in terms of mindset?