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Caprifolium9 karma

Aside from high level, do have anything else coming soon ?

Loved the work you did with NIN, be it the Bleed through / With Teeth, Year Zero and The Slip art or all the photographs you did for Ghosts. I also truly believe your artwork starting with How to destroy angels and leading to your glitch series is terrific.

What's your academic background and what led you to work with NIN and such huge productions ? Your work encompasses so many different mediums such as photography, digital and analog manipulations, drawing, painting...

Life's a bit strange for me right now and I'm trying to reevaluate it. I studied business and graduated with a bachelor degree, went on to do a masters, worked for a year in retail and quit my job. Truth is, I've never liked my studies not my job. In my spare time I like to shot photographs and work mainly with film (35mm, instant film, maybe medium format some day...) and people seem to like my output and tell me that I'm talented by I tried so many times to have my work published without much success... Only got 4 pictures featured in a fanzine once and a shirt interview on Lomography's website but that's about it.

I'd like to share my work, have it printed or exhibited, I'd like to study silkscreen printing, cyanotypes and risography but I'm not sure how that would pan out and I'm afraid I'd be back to square one and without a job just like I am right now...

Anyway, love your work and I might grab a copy of High Level even though I'm not usually into comics ! But cyberpunk and Rob Sheridan ? It's gotta be good !