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I'm a 15-year old who just finished first semester as a full-time college student. Math/CompSci/Music triple major. What advice can you give me, as another accelerated student, to help along the way?

EDIT: So, apparently a lot of people like giving me their ideas and feedback and such. I'll consider doing an AMA of my own just for that. I did one back in Augustish that can be found here, but if people are interested I'll do another one to show my progress since then and such and such.

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My school doesn't have an extremely rigorous music program. Also, my focus is composition, something that means MUCH less time in the practice room. Also, I keep all my musical instruments (piano, guitar, bass, and occasionally ukulele) in my room, within arms reach of my bed, so practicing doesn't actually mean going too terribly far out of my way. Also, at this point in my life, while I'm good at math and compsci and enjoy them quite a bit, I feel that music is my biggest passion.

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I would like to ask you the question #3 again, because as a musician this is actually a line of work I'm considering.

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aSimpleMan is doing 4 majors because he's cool, ask him anything