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for everyone else, it's a reference to https://deafpower.me/resources/ :)

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so that people from diverse backgrounds can also be evil <3

but at least the promotional recruiting materials look nice

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Wow I actually saw Every Brilliant Thing!!! And I wanted to see I Was Most Alive With You but I don't think I did. Now I have to watch Only Murders In The Building I guess. :)

What's it like when you do a show in another city? Do you have to rent an apartment or does the theater company help with it?

What did you like/dislike about Boston?

How was the transition from stage to TV?

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What was it like working as a computer scientist in policy and specifically in Wyden's office?

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Why is it important to "say no to breakroom donuts"? It seems like that's an example of "too rigid" boundaries as you mention below?