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I used running shoes since I was mainly walking on sidewalks/roads. My first pair was Asics, 2nd Brooks, 3rd was New Balance, 4th Nikes, 5th Brooks, and finished off with another two pairs of Asics.

In my personal order of quality I'd put it at:

Asics, Brooks, New Balance, Nike. I used some of the lower/middle end shoes, so higher end for each brand may be different.

I relied on the kindness of strangers every day. I would sometimes have random people pull over, hand me a cold bottle of water or food, and drive off. This happened many times on my trip, for some of them I never even got a chance to tell them who I am or what I was doing, they just wanted to be kind to a stranger, not look for recognition. Many times I'd camp in strangers yards, or be invited inside to eat with them. I even slept inside the Mayor's houses on two separate occasions.

Scariest moment was when I was in Alabama. I had just crossed the Tennessee river and was on some land owned by the National Parks system, it wasn't really meant for camping though. It was about 10pm, the sun had long set and I really needed to use the bathroom, and I'm talking more than just a tree. Luckily there was a bathroom about 10 minutes walk up this little hill. So I start walking. The moon was out so I had enough light I didn't need to bother with a flashlight. That is until I start hearing rustling nearby. Suddenly it was coming from multiple directions. Almost a scratching noise. I quickly got out my phone and turned on my flashlight only to discover it was some armadillos. They were just digging in the dirt for bugs or whatever it is. Nearly scared the shit out of me.

As a brown guy usually when I tell that story most people don't expect my scariest story that takes place in rural Alabama to be armadillo based.

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Well, my friend Mario bet me $20 that I couldn't walk across America. In turn I bet him $20 he couldn't cycle across Canada, I had to go with him on that since he didn't have much experience and would have probably died. Now he's bet me $20 that I can't ride a horse across Mongolia.

There's many other reasons I decide to do these trips like enjoying travel, liking adventure, challenging myself, etc. It's really the $20 though.

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Just answered that Here. Basically just extremely frugally. I don't own a car, don't go out much, eat cheaply, etc. These trips are my passion and so my money goes towards them.

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Every single day, I'd start my day listening to that song.

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Only to be the one to fall down at your door.