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Hi Jack.

What was your absolute lowest point throughout your Clio career?

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One trait that stands out when looking to be hired: Savviness.

A nice example: Checking the careers page of Jack's website:


Specifically the section at the end, I found:

Don’t see the role you’re looking for? Highly talented people belong at Clio, and there just may be a fit here that you weren’t expecting. Send your resume to [email protected].

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Haha, I work for Clio and we absolutely do not do this.

I would imagine there's quite a bit more to your situation than you're implying.

Data can be exported from Clio at any time. There's no limit on how many times you can do it. Every page has an 'Export' button and we even have an 'Export' menu. Very easy.

The only reason it would be "held hostage" is if you didn't pay for your subscription and ignored the many emails informing you that your account would have to be locked if payment continued to fail.

Even then you can contact Support who will open your account temporarily for you to either:

  1. Fix the payment issue
  2. Export your data