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Honestly, I'm good with giving the Daleks a bit of a break. They've kind of lost some of their impact lately.

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I visited Detroit back in May, and stayed in an AirBnB in this little area called Boston-Edison, which is a pocket of old early 20th century mansions that are generally very well maintained. But go just a few blocks north or south, and you were suddenly in a very poor area with tons of abandoned homes and businesses. I'm a Torontonian and I found that level of contrast really surprising.

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Interestingly, one of the reasons McDonald's fries are usually so crispy is because they're frozen. The ice crystals burst into steam, which releases moisture from the fries, and helps them to cook more rapidly.

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Yeah, maybe it's because I also listen to Theory of Everything, but I think that a) there's definitely a place for media that forces you to question how truthful it is, and b) from the sounds of things, not having listened yet, this show is very clear about where the line falls. I really don't see the problem here.

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Are you hiring? ;)

Seriously, though, as someone stuck in the rut between having good education but little experience, how do you break out and get noticed? It's insanely frustrating when you send out 100+ resumes, use professional connections when you can, and still get barely any response because entry-level jobs seem to be similar to unicorns in Canada. Aren't employers going to realize they're starting to ignore an entire segment of the workforce?