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And the aqueduct.

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I’d say it’s a dark side, because it’s an intrinsic part of the profession that a lot of trust is put into the hands of the doctor when people are at their most vulnerable.

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I'm a ballet dancer, but my real heart is in acting. Musicals, plays, improv, I don't care either way. It's one of the few talents I feel naturally very stong in.

How do you feel about the Good Morning America kerfuffle about boys doing ballet?

I’d love to see you dance if you feel like posting a video.

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My favorite are the online millionaire “list builders” who will teach you how to harvest emails and make millions yourself! (Just sign up now to add your name to the email list)

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Are people forgetting that even before cell phones, people had watches and wallets and business cards? Pushing someone fully dressed into a pool has always been and always will be a dick move.