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Seriously. Glad you're all right man, and since reading your original thread, I found myself incredibly grateful today to have an easy poo.

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Coming from your Starcraft background, where balance is fine-tuned over many iterations (patches) in response to millions of crowd-source games, is it hard to get to a point that you feel comfortable leaving it alone and calling it good, knowing that you can't patch a board game down the road?

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This has to be one of the top 5 most disastrous AMAs of all time...

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What an insightful and incredibly well-written post, all off-the-cuff and without even an edit. What are the resources you most recommend and most credit for your writing style?

Unrelated, 2nd question: I do most of my book consumption via audiobooks these days. Have you thought of having a narration performed (or doing it yourself), and posting it to audiobook platforms?

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The fallacy that anything of value can be gleaned from observational studies is what led us to where we are with vitamins. Decades of observational studies seemed to prove that there were strong health benefits to a number of vitamins, which now under the proper scrutiny of controlled experiments are being found to actually be completely ineffective or even harmful. This lecture on the topic goes into some great information that illustrates the huge errors that can come of drawing unsupported conclusions from observational-only studies.

I mean this as support of what you said, not argument against. You qualified your statements carefully, and I just wanted to support just how important those qualifications are. Observational studies can demonstrate correlation only, and serve as the basis for a hypothesis to be tested via proper controlled experimentation.