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Yep, last year in NC I had 38 plan options across 5 providers when I started my own business, I was able to find a plan that was expensive ($1,100/mo for 2 adults and two kids) but covered everything I needed. The deductible wasn't too bad ($2,000 individual) but they fought us on almost everything. Still it worked out OK.

This year we have two providers (BCBS and Cigna) and 18 plans. Cigna isn't an option as they don't even work in most counties in NC. The cheapest BCBS plans aren't an option as they have no hospital coverage in my county AT ALL. So what I was left with was a $1500/mo plan that still had a $5,000 individual deductible and didn't cover my neurologist or any of my current meds.

So yeah, I went back to work so I could get decent health insurance through my employer. Nothing like killing the American dream of starting your own company because you can't afford health insurance.

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My wife went over a year after both our girls were born without a period. She was definitely not upset about that.

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I know someone with ulcerative colitis and a history of colon cancer and other issues in his family. He did the DIY route a few years ago, used his wife's stool as she has always had a really good stomach and digestive health. The fmt ended up changing his life, it made a massive difference and basically healed his colitis. It's not perfect but he's now actually able to eat a decent range of foods where before he could barely eat anything.

I think the people behind the AMA have the best intentions, and I think FMT will show a lot of potential in the coming years. Unfortunately this AMA seems to be doing more harm than good. Do not completely discount fmt because of this thread, it holds a lot of promise. But it's going to take a while to get a FDA approved procedure here, where the DIY community is obviously trying to push this forward more quickly.

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Yep, I don't understand how that's even an option. Outside of getting some horrible complicated disease or injury it wouldn't help anyone. It's basically catastrophic coverage of the shittiest kind.

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Do you have any pain from your amputation? If so does the prosthetic do anything for that or make it worse?