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CampaignForUyghurs41 karma

1 million in the camps is a conservative estimate. It is more likely there are close to 3 million based on capacity. Prisoners have reported torture, sexual abuse and rape, and many more atrocities such as forced sterilization. Most Chinese would accept the govt's narrative that these are vocational schools due to censorship and brainwashing.

CampaignForUyghurs21 karma

It saddens me, to see the venal ruthlessness of the reality of the world communities, as they are idle against this genocide of my people. Not only China is getting away with genocide but getting ‘rewarded’ with hosting Winter Olympics 2022. It angers me, to see my sister and other millions of Uyghurs becoming human collaterals of international trade deals and economic benefits. It worries me, to see China become a power able to strong arm the world with, trade threats, the power of the Belt and Road Initiative, debt trap diplomacy and manipulation within the U.N.

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The Chinese government is running a smearing campaign on my name try to discredit me. The CCP is threatened by my activism in the United States. This is evident in their attempt at using ad hominem arguments which are merely opinions as opposed to true hard facts. Their first retaliation to my activism was capturing my sister and my aunt. Now, they are trying to discredit my work and taint reputation by labeling me a deceiver.

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3 million Uyghurs including my own sister, are in concentration camps and millions more forced to relocate and work as slaves for China’s economic aggression. 13 tons of hair, perhaps but a portion of what is being taken from prisoners, seized recently, a product of this genocide. How can this image not pierce our conscience? Is this the hair of my sister? Who is benefiting from my sister’s forced labor? We know what this hair represents, a very physical representation of never again happening again. There are crematoria attached to the camps now. What else is needed for the world to wake up? Are we waiting for mass executions and gas chambers to be broadcast to the world? How can anyone with a soul remain silent? Do not make Uyghurs human collateral of economic trade and short-term politics. This is not just the calamity of the Uyghurs, it is a test for humanity!

CampaignForUyghurs16 karma

Yes, thanks. For over a year, we have been asking governments around the world to hold china accountable and take action against this government which is responsible for this unprecedented atrocity of the century. By waiting so long to act, China's actions in my homeland now include every single act listed in the 1948 Genocide Convention, each of which the world, including China, is obligated to prevent.