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Barry, this one is a little unrelated, but I wanted to hear your opinion on George Carlin, as someone who is inside the industry.

I've heard Louis and several other comedians attribute much of their success to George Carlin. Personally, I love the man and his entire body of work. But, being that I'm not in the comedy industry, I can only imagine how much more someone like Louis could absorb from a body of work as extensive as Carlin's. What is your personal opinion of Carlin and the merit of his work?

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I feel as if Carlin taught me how to be funny, but also how to dress a serious issue in something funny in order for it to stick in the minds of others. It makes me happy to hear what you said, thank you again for making the effort to reply to all the questions. Your detailed answers are superb.

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This is hands down one of the most interesting AMA's I've ever read. Thank you for doing it! I wish you the best.