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This is true, but it's sad that they had to be incredible in the first place. We should have a sane healthcare system that doesn't destroy people financially when accidents happen.

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Does he happen to be Chinese? I met a Chinese woman who believed semen was a great anti-aging cure. And, well, she liked to get it from the source.

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How was the ball-turret gunner chosen? Were they volunteers or did they choose the short straw.

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Current US military budget is $598.5 billion.

.01% of that is $598.5 million $59.85 Million.

I agree with you, but it's probably way less than .01%

EDIT: I can't math.

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I'm a VFX producer who used to work for Hydraulx.

A VFX union would be very difficult because a studio can use companies from all over the world, or one company that has facilities all over the world. (Like R&H). England, Canada, the US, China, India, Australia, New Zealand, all have VFX power players that can be hired on one movie, and they all have different union laws. The industry is so spread out that it's hard to gain enough people to form a union in the first place, because at this point the studio could easily circumvent the union. You would have to unionize the VFX companies in the US, Canada, the UK, and New Zealand under one umbrella. Otherwise, the studios will find a way around you.