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"Names that start with the letter 'H'"


Callmebobbyorbooby261 karma

Lets sprinkle some crack on him and get out of here.

Callmebobbyorbooby205 karma

We all would, but he won't. He knows he can lose to him.

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Erlich Bachman? This is you as an old man. You are ugly and dead, alone.

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I did something similar to my roommate. I had a magnetic bumper sticker that said "I Masturbate" and I put it on his car one night. The next day he spent 4 hours of the day driving around shopping and didn't know it until someone rolled their window down in traffic and asked him if he realized he had the bumper sticker there. He was stuck in stop and go traffic so he couldn't get it off there for another 45 minutes. I felt pretty accomplished.