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Fuck, Marry, Kill: Mark Sheppard, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki

Also, How do you get your hair so sextastic? Could you confirm that charity scavenger hunts directly correlate to the sexiness of a persons hair?

Have a fantastic day Mister Misha :)

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I’m actually getting an implant (extraction and placing I believe) 2 days from now. Kind of terrified honestly. I have been using nicotine for a quite a while. I have not been a cigarette smoker in quite some time though, I have instead used an electronic cigarette. I was curious how this interacts with the implant process. I have been tapering off of nicotine and will switch to using a patch for the last steps of it. How long would it be until I can resume the inhaling part, and possibly the nicotine part? Kind of a silly thing to worry about but I’m a pretty high strung person and it’s been eating at me. Thank you so much, as someone who received no dental care for 5 years, I am extremely grateful to those in your profession.