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Know where you’re located and answer the questions. A lot of times people fight us on our questioning and make the call longer than it would be if they had just answered.

For EMS, if you can clear a path from the door to the patient, that’d be excellent but don’t hurt yourself moving furniture. Have a med list or meds together and pets put away if you’re at home. Don’t answer for the patient unless they are incapacitated.

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Hey thanks! 12 hour shifts but they’re looking at the feasibility of doing 24 hour rotations, it’s already done at a few departments.

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I love old people who are just pleasant and funny. They make jokes like “Are you injured?” “Yeah, right in my pride.” “How did you fall?” “Gravity.”

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A guy tripping balls who said he cut off his girlfriends clit and was wondering if they could replace it with a lemur clit like how they use pig valves for heart surgeries.

No clits were harmed during the call.

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Absolutely. I’m actually talking to my therapist about getting evaluated for PTSD. It isn’t always panic attacks in crowded places and nightmares. It is irrational anxiety or changing your behavior based on experiences. It’s listlessness and insomnia and hypervigilance.

I have an intense fear of fire but it’s gotten worse since I’ve started dispatching for the fire department. I’m crazy vigilant about smoke detectors, sleeping with the door closed and making sure each room has a means of egress. I made my landlord replace our windows because they were the slated louvre windows which would hard to be escape from. I feel intense anxiety during thunderstorms and fireworks that my house is going to get struck or an ember is going to land on my roof and start a fire. I worry about my pets in fire. I used to check on my housemates to make sure they’re still breathing when I got home after nightshift. If my mom doesn’t answer my texts I start to get anxious, I used to send the police to check on her until I got her to install cameras so I can check if she’s fallen or something.

I don’t think PTSD is the right word for it for me but my therapist wants me to get evaluated to be sure