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Thanks for the work you do, Chuck.

As a sort of triage, is there any precedent for or logic to abandoning small towns with shrinking populations, and “consolidating”… rather than trying to save many small towns? Seems like this could go well with a rewilding policy, and returning agricultural land to food and wildlife? Reduce habitat fragmentation? (Coming from a permaculture angle, apologies if this is too far off topic.)

CallEmAsISeeEm19861 karma

What would it take to get Izzy to do a barrel roll?

If that’s doable, why stop there?

Set it up during a scheduled space walk, tie off yo’ boi, and have him and/or her jump away and yo-yo back...

... he and/or she just oilled Izzy WHILE Izzy did a barrel roll. 😎👩‍🚀 🛹

Way cooler than launching an old car into space...

BTW, if you need more marketing ideas to get kids into space and science, I’m available as a consultant.