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Thoughts on the controversy surrounding mindfulness?wprov=sfti1) in western psychotherapy from a Buddhist perspective as described by the book McMindfullness? It’s been described as an incomplete practice for addressing the symptoms of stress but not external and physiological causes of stress.

The western psych industry has been accused of heretical blasphemy by the Vajrayana sect for cherry-picking and appropriating yogic practices with proven uses from Tibetan traditions while leaving out and ignoring the rest of the Dharma as a means to short term solutions and profit.

The worry is that using incomplete tantric teachings without the full discipline of a practice or academic understanding from the tradition introduces coping habits that can be potentially destructive in the long term without proper guidance, and that the western psych concept of mindfulness as a whole has been whitewashed to the point of becoming a potentially predatory superficial construct made to spit in Buddha’s face for dollars.

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Imagine all the techies going dumb, dancing on top of Teslas and turning tight ones. I can’t.

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As an SF Native and ex cyber security major, sounds like something I’d be interested in. Currently attending ccsf, what would the tuition be after getting a job in the field?

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So did you ever end up learning the language/culture?