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But can you have friends who think you are worth less as a person than they are? Or is that a misrepresentation of what members of the KK feel about people who aren't white.

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The way we learn our native language is very subconscious. As an infant no one teaches you grammar rules, but somehow in hearing language you learn to speak in a way that conforms with every one else's. In other words, while you speak, you are not consciously applying the rules. So when you invent a language how much thought goes into what those rules should be. What rules are common across languages? Thanks for helping to bring ASOIAF to life!

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Hi Dr. Kelsky. I gained lots of teaching experience in grad school moonlighting at a for profit college. I thought this experience would benefit me as I apply for TT positions at SLACs, but I am beginning to suspect it is having the opposite effect. What are your thoughts?

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Thanks. I have adjunct experience at a legit uni also. Is there a way to spin the for-profit experience, or should I minimize/erase all mention of it?

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Thank you.