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Funny that a forum dedicated to not masturbating has turned into a circle jerk.

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At the same time, by making TA compensation not reflect the cost of living, the students lose out on quality individuals who cannot afford to take the job and the ones that do are stretched so thin they cannot fully commit themselves to the students.

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How can a person being a victim of human trafficking and a criminal for doing forced acts?

What systems were used to hold these woman under duress?

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The findings are rather disturbing and I hope it sheds light on deplorable ugly behavior that goes on. I think we all need to do our part towards curbing the behavior and calling out those who allow it to happen.

Do you plan on continuing your research with specifics to Coachella or would you want to expand to other events and venues?

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Is this game worth eating ramen for the next week? Saw it on steam and looks great.