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TTY is a text based system, required at both ends. Think early text message that required answering the phone.

There's also a telephone relay service that can relay messages to people without a TTY.

Had a deaf employee. Knew her for six months until I found out she was deaf. She was amazing at lip reading.

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What kind of editorial oversight do you have? Or are you soley responsible for the content?

/Love it. Wish every photo essay was done your way!

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Saw you in '84 in Palo Alto, at the Keystone. Fishbone was one of your opening acts. You guys killed it. Amazing set, encored with socks on your junk. Encored with Fishbone. Still my favorite show of all time.


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Love you guys! Cannot say "All Right", without hearing the in game voice! Who were your voice actors?

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The roads locally have recently taken a major blow, likely due to the drought. Manhole covers have started to stand inches above the surrounding asphalt. The city has tried, three times in one instance, but it only seems to get worse. Can you machine account for manholes and other access covers like that?