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To gain the Fairtrade mark, we have to meet international Fairtrade standards, which means that we offer a better deal to farmers and workers involved. We go one step further and pay our farmers Fairtrade premium price, on top of the standard Fairtrade price, which goes into a communal fund. The farmers then decide how that money is spent.

We also invest 50% of our profits into Producers Direct, a UK charity run by farmers which works directly with farmers to improve sustainability and livelihoods. It’s something we’re really passionate about, and we’ve directed more than £6million to our farmers so far.

Not to brag, but we were the UK’s first B Corp certified coffee company too!

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African coffees have fantastic taste profiles. They have dominant notes of fruit and zingy acidity. You can't go wrong with a good Kenyan, and look out for Nordic-style roasters who usually roast coffee slightly lighter.

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Haha! You get used to it! Sometimes I try to harmonise with my colleagues!

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We work really closely with our farmers – we were the very first customer of some of them! It’s important to us to work directly with the farmers and co-operatives growing our coffee because they get the best price, and we get the best-quality product. Win/win.

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A lot of the alternative milk companies have barista versions of their milks, and these are designed to work really well with coffee. I personally prefer oat milk.