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Since 4 is the age when you have a legal right to choose your bedtime, how late will you be staying up tonight?

Also, do you think it's really true that beer tastes like caramel corn?

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"The first virtue is patience. 91 days of patience."

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Thanks for doing this! I'm sure you're familiar with the "Worf Effect" - basically, the most badass regular character is defeated by new characters to demonstrate how dangerous they are; which happened pretty regularly to poor Worf.

Was there ever any discussion about the effect this might be having on the perception of Worf as a character, or does it only stand out in retrospect, after enough material was generated to make hilarious compilation videos?

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Here's a depressing story: the Collyer brothers. One of them was paralyzed, and the other died crawling through a newspaper tunnel trying to bring him food.

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He said about $41k, elsewhere.