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C_Fitch23 karma

My cousin worked at Target for over 2 years. She was told by her manager that they had a new "price matching" policy where if a customer came in with an ad for an item that was cheaper elsewhere, target would match the price. My cousin started following the policy and handed out hundreds of dollars worth of discounts over the next several months. Soon after, she and all the other workers who were instructed about the policy were approached by some higher ups who fired them and them escorted from the building by police. Even though they all admitted the managers were telling them to respect the "policy," they managers were never questioned or prosecuted and continued working there. My cousin and the others were sued for arbitrary, fluctuating amounts of "lost revenue."

We later found out that this was happening at several targets county-wide. Is Target trying to weed out higher paid veteran workers and extort money from them by lying about some "price matching policy?"