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What are your thoughts on our current military appose to when you were in? Whats the biggest difference? Do you think its softened up since you were in?

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Why did the DAPL only become an "issue" after the tribes asked for double what the company building it was offering them to build it on their property and the company found another route? Why weren't they against it from the beginning? How did they decide that if they could get double what the company offered them everything was a-ok, but if not it must be some huge problem steeped in racism and not caring about the environment? How can someone prevent construction on private property they do not own and have no legal rights to? How can you advocate against pipeline projects when shipping oil & gas via train is worse for the environment both in how much trains pollute vs. pipelines, and how dangerous trains are vs. pipelines?

OC was from u/fdubzou just wanted to make sure Op sees this question and answers it.

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What has been your favorite game to work on? And what is your favorite game you haven't worked on?

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Is It true the mob pretty much ran everything back then? Even the cops were corrupt? It seem I'd be pretty lawless if so.