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CTYankee158 karma

I've had it, bought it in a deli down by Seal Beach. Best cherry cola I've ever tried. This stuff.

CTYankee153 karma

Can you sell Caruso's Legacy Maraschino Cherry cola, please!?

CTYankee152 karma

I'll have to check those out. I do like Dr. Pepper (never got to try Dublin Dr. Pepper unfortunately). Do you have Virgils Dr. Better? I think I saw that there.

CTYankee152 karma

Stewarts is $1.49 or something like that. THe $4.00 one is one of the uber fancy French sodas he sells.

He carries a number of black cherry sodas. I'm on a cherry soda kick right now and Virgil's is one of my favorites. Americana is another (they make the best Cream soda).

CTYankee150 karma

What are some sodas you would want to sell, but can't. Why can't you sell them?