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There are a ton of options in game for how you want telegraphs displayed. You can hide things like other friendly player's telegraphs, change the colors, and change the opacity as well. I recommend hopping in beta and playing around with them to find what works for you!

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We just removed several "sanctuary" areas from the open world, which made PvP servers feel too safe at times.

We actually have two different sets of guards depending on what kind of realm you're playing on. If you're out in the world and encounter the really beefy guards on a PvP realm, let us know so we can swap them out for the right ones!

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You'll be able to see the Deluxe and winter beta hoverboards in your account inventory at any level, and they can be redeemed by any of your level 25 characters.

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1) Bardic just announced on stream that we'll be allowing costumes in PvP sometime after launch!

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Yep, the winter beta hoverboard is known as the "Flux Hoverboard", which is available for purchase on the mount vendors in the capital cities.