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Hi Kevin, how do we reinvigorate the public service? It feels like in today's age the public service has taken a backseat to private consultants and lobbyists in policy development. I have read that you would often be frustrated with the policy proposals you would receive from the public service and ask for additional options to be developed.

How could the public service regain its influence; does it for example, need to be more bold?


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Prime Minister;

Antony Green has been making the argument (quite cogently) for some years that we need to reform our senate system. This election we will be forced to use magnifying glasses to read the over 100 parties below the line OR if we choose to vote above the line, risk having our votes unintentionally go to a party that we would never have supported.

Too much power is in the hands of small parties that have managed to get on the ballot paper and work out complicated preference deals. We run the very real risk of someone like Pauline Hanson being voted into the senate in NSW because of this horrible system which does not reflect the will of the electorate.

Do you have any plans to rectify the problem or any other thoughts on this issue?


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edit: I note that this issue was also raised here http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1lbe0s/i_am_kevin_rudd_the_prime_minister_of_australia/cbxjhp6


So what you're saying is I should support a candidate on the basis that they might, instead of being ignorant, merely be a liar who lies and cheats his electorate to get elected?