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For what it's worth, we're all quite furious with him. HKs move for freedom is just about as close to our heart as you can get. I'm personally super proud of you and everyone who's working so hard for your rights.

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Question...I have a friend whose abuser worked with/around law enforcement and the justice system in general. A big part of his leash on my friend were his threats that no one would believe her, and that he knew how "the system" worked so he would never be punished.

Have you ever represented someone with professional knowledge of criminal/court etc procedures? And, Did you find it beneficial in their defense in any way, or was it neutral or even detrimental to their experience? (Thanks!)


Literally fuck off


Totally random, and maybe not your style, but I bet you'd make a killer version of almost any Steam Powered Giraffe song.

Also, I have a feeling if you reach out to them they'd be able to give you some tips on navigating the youtube world too, since they've done covers and posted monetized music videos as well.