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If your benefits at this point are 20 years behind, have you guys tried striking before? At what point do you think the company will give in to your demands?

The last time we (conductors) wanted to strike the (conservative) federal government threatened to legislate us back to work before we could actually strike.

What is a better quality of life for you? is it the benefits or the hours that you are upset about? If they constantly violate rules won't they be able to agree to the demands in order to end the strike, but then continue to violate the agreement?

More rest would be a start! More vacation. New hires only get 2 weeks of annual vacation when starting out, after 3 years - 3 weeks, after 10 years - 4 weeks. Vacation maxes out at 6 weeks after 30 years of service.

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I understand the need for more vacation, though definitely not to the point you do since my weeks are only 50-60 hours.

I should clarify, that it isn't usual to actually work for 100 hours per week. We are just away from home for that time.

Do you get paid overtime for the extra hours or are you salaried? Also who gets the money from the fines that the company pays everytime they break your agreement?

We are paid mileage when working on the road, there is no "overtime" in the sense that you're speaking. Yard employees (Yardmen/women and Yardmasters) are paid hourly - they are paid overtime.

The employees who are violated are supposed to receive the "remedy" payment. In my entire career (11 years) I've received 5 remedy payments but I've filled hundreds (maybe even in the low thousands) of grievances!

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If you don't like your job get a new one.

I hate idiots (like yourself) who use this argument. You do realize that if everyone could just quit their job if they didn't like it they would, right? You're aware people have families and responsibilities, right?

"Sorry fam, I just quit my job because I don't like it anymore. Hopefully I can find another job (crosses fingers with a big shit-eating grin on my face). Don't worry u/mcjagga said it wouldn't be a problem."

E: BTW, when I was 15 years younger I did do this (quit my job if I didn't like it). Now I have a wife and 3 kids.

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Do you understand how much damage you are doing to the Canadian economy right now?

So anyone who might "damage the economy" are no longer entitled to free association? Every company that goes on strike technically "damages the economy."

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Corporate greed has reached levels not seen since the great depression so I am a supporter.

1.2B profit on 3.8B in revenue last quarter.

What I would point out that lacks in your AMA title/explanation is what exactly you are fighting/striking for? Do you want longer vacation? Do you want more rights as a worker? Try to edit this post so it gives clear cut goals and demands people can understand.

Thanks for the suggestion, I thought I did, but for clarity I have made it more obvious.

If the company is circumventing your contract then what is the point of the contract? Sounds to me like there is no purpose to your CBA. I am in a union that temporarily circumvents the CBA for the greater good of the union but it is exactly that...a temporary fix to a permanent problem. While I would not agree with this on paper in practice the membership is served by this greater good but overall it weakens our strength at the table.

CN does try to follow the agreement but only so long as it's convenient for them! As soon as things get tough they willfully ignore our contract with the knowledge that they will never have to pay for it.

What I want isn't necessarily what the union is fighting for. There are MANY ways in which to improve our quality of life and improve collective agreement compliance. Increased vacation - yes please. Better scheduling, more rest, decreasing mileage regulations for single sub crews (that's sort of hard to explain), etc.

I would personally like to have the right to refuse work that is known to violate our agreement! We shouldn't have to do it if they willfully refuse to pay.