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They do work for certain things. First off, if people are trying to "sell" you something, I.E. magazines, insurance, etc, they are required to put you on their internal DO NOT CALL list if you request it. Say it verbatim. "PUT ME ON YOUR DO NOT CALL LIST".

With charities and political campaigns, it's a different story. The best way to start is to register at http://www.donotcall.gov

This will register you for the National Do Not Call Registry and if the company operates within the law any numbers on this list are scrubbed and removed every 30 days. You may not stop receiving calls immediately after registering but they should slow down within 30 days.

When it comes to charities and political fundraisers/campaigns, we all know the government will never enact laws that restrict their ability to raise money and gain popularity.

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You can definitely be tracked by the FCC. It usually happens because the company will call a prospect and that prospect will be have some knowledge on the laws. They contact the right people and have the right information and they start an "investigation" or whatever term they might use. I'm not sure about how the caller I.D. information is changed, but I do know that most reputable companies are very aware it's a dangerous thing to do.

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You shouldn't be eating dinner while I'm calling.

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Why is this comment voted down? Shit guys and gals, I've answered every question and I'm not promoting the practices.

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Not really. Sometimes the firm you work with/for may have shady practices. The most common one being changing Caller I.D. information.

If the telemarketer violates the law, the company gets a fine but so does the caller personally. When I was on the phones it was 1K per offense to the caller and could be up to 10K for the company.