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I'll admit, I was hoping for more swearing

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This is a very good point. It’s awesome that many of us can choose a different lifestyle, but all that stuff you need from amazon to live off-the-grid, gets to you via planes, semis, usps. Still cool that you’re doing it, but reminds me of some friends that thought they were holier than thou cause they moved into a converted bus. Yet they needed to use other peoples land, showers, water and so on. You don’t seem that way at all, just don’t get that way!:)

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What’s your favorite bank robbing movie?

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Sad that this is the truth these days. I see on her Facebook page she can walk, so that’s good! Way I read OPs bio, I thought she was paralyzed. Plus I just watched Taladaga nights the other day, so it reminded me of the scene where they confront him in the hospital room in his wheel chair. I’m terrible

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With as much as you trained, did it feel like just another run, or was the pressure to succeed overwhelming?