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You blame the politicians, and not the literal gangs of LAPD.


Your responses are filled with "leopard ate my face" and the fact that you can't recognize that and push for a better world (instead calling that "woke") is the biggest tragedy in this thread.

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You clearly have no problems on that front.

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We're being told time and again about this kind of behavior from law enforcement.

LAPD/LASD is reported to have "gangs" of cops in particular.

Some additional background:

Clearly peaceful protesting against police violence (see: 2020 George Floyd and the violent responses therein, esp. at Lafayette Plaza, in NYC, and in LA) isn't working.

Clearly police cannot be trusted to be held accountable to themselves, and "internal investigations/affairs" isn't getting it done.

And clearly the FBI cannot be trusted to intervene as the top-tier of law enforcement.

Additional example*: The United States Secret Service deleting their own text messages regarding January 6th, with no oversight or consequence. Furthermore, any and all police officers both in the crowd of insurrectionists, and as part of the Capitol Police and/or Metropolitan Police Department of DC who let crowds forward intentionally, are not being held accountable to the full extent of the law.

My question is this:

What realistically can change, even with more and more reports from media outlets like yourselves?

And what defense do you have against cops with a vendetta against your media, a la Kansas's Marion County Record raid?

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Oh I know it - hence my pointing out that he clearly has no problem with self-righteousness or how his other responses are fundamentally problematic.

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every single comment in any r/science thread is fucking removed/deleted

which on one hand, i get why. opinion and personal interpretation has no place in actual science

but on the other hand, it becomes a graveyard beholden to ONE person's (or team of people's) opinion/personal interpretation of what is acceptable...