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CCP_Rise446 karma

Once during an alliance tournament, Fozzie told the stream that if they sent my character ISK I would double it. People did it. I did not double it.

I still feel bad.

CCP_Rise298 karma

A leviathan sized rifter sounds adorable and I think I might go make one on an internal server and kill it for fun.

CCP_Rise259 karma

Probably not, but I'll promise to bother every art person I see this week on your behalf.

CCP_Rise257 karma

No regrets (other than swearing on (fake)TV which makes me feel a bit awkward)

CCP_Rise172 karma

Basically, Incarna taught us two things as far as I can tell. 1. EVE is a game about spaceships and there's an enormous amount of work to do on the in-space gameplay before players (or developers) are ready to sacrifice it for a totally new type of gameplay, and 2. Working on Avatar gameplay is very costly in terms of resources and time.

As a result, for the time being we are extremely focused on the in-space gameplay. We have years worth of work we can do in space but who knows, maybe someday we will get a chance to go back to it.