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You haven't been to my basement then, have you?

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In my experience they span the whole spectrum. The thing is that in any pool of enough people you will have enough variation that you can find any opinion if you look hard enough. If you were to plot how conservative the nuns I've met were, I would say that is would be more or less a bell curve shifted only slightly towards being more conservative than average.

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I'm pretty sure he just meant that 40,000k is actually 40,000,000, and while it sounds like a nice gig I doubt you got paid 40mil for your troubles.

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Yes, it is an extension of adsense, which pays you per view of the ads, that's why you shouldn't use adblock on sites and channels you like, if the ad isn't served, they don't get paid.

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No, a good keyword will bring more people to your video.