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Hi there, I'm the intern. I'm gonna say what I said to another post in this thread, it's all in good fun. It's just a quirky little moniker they've given me. I work for my dad, this is my senior project. In all honesty it's such a great opportunity to be out here.

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It is impossible to know how many innocent people are in prison. There have been 1,000's of documented cases of innocence. If just 1% of the people in California prisons are innocent, that means more than 1,700 innocent people are in California prisons alone.

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If you're innocent.

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We hear every day about exonerations of people who were convicted of rape and murder, but that's because, in those cases, there is often DNA that can prove innocence. I am sure there are actually more innocent people convicted of lesser crimes, such as drug crimes, but it is very difficult to prove innocence in those cases after you are convicted.

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Criminal defense attorneys represent the guilty every day. All people, whether innocent or guilty, are entitled to a fair trial and representation. However, The California Innocence Project is devoted solely to representing innocent people who have been wrongfully convicted. We only take on cases where there is strong evidence of innocence.