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I'm not /u/fr-josh, but from what I have learned before a Catholic priest performs an exorcism they have to be evaluated by two different psychologists first who both agree there is no scientific understanding of what's going on. In the US at least this seems to clear up 99% of people who someone at first thinks is possessed. Of all people who look into getting an exorcism, by this process only 1% get one.


This is great, but can you please put parentheses on your print statements in cells 5 and 20? There are children reading and we want to give them the right idea about Python 3 compatibility!


I'm not /u/fr-josh, but I thought I would just throw out there that mine is Lord of the Rings. There's a lot of Catholic themes in there, which isn't surprising given Tolkein's beliefs.


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I'm sure /u/fr-josh can give a much better answer, but in the mean time: On previous AMAs with Catholic priests one question redditors always ask is "Do you agree with the Catholic Church on this, do you agree with the Catholic Church on that." For example people will ask if a Catholic priest supports abortion, disagreeing with the Church. Strange people would ask that but it happens frequently. So I think /u/fr-josh's notice that he believes with the Church is just to preempt the many times that question gets asked.