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"I have no trust for the legal system. My trust is right here [pointing at Justin and Mike]. I can't forgive Bruce Robertson since he was the one that committed the crime then implicitly accused me of it." - Michael Hanline

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"I really feel like there needs to be mandatory life coaching or mental health assistance as part of your sentence. Punishment alone does not bring about rehabilitation." - Brian Banks

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"For me it was the over-stimulation. There is so much stimulation it makes you nauseous. Complete sensory overload." - Uriah Courtney

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Any/all of the following would be great: (1) learn about the issues that commonly arise with wrongful convictions and teach everyone you know so juries are more informed; (2) reach out to your local representative and ask them if there is a compensation statute for exonerees - if not, press them to pass one; (3) contact Governor Brown and ask him to grant clemency for the California 12;(4) if you're an attorney, you can volunteer to screen cases from anywhere in the United States since we handle it remotely; and (5) if you're an expert, offer your services pro-bono!

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"I forgive my accuser 100%. I just wish we could meet face to face to let her know I forgive her and don't hold a grudge against her for my own piece of mind. Whether she needs that is a different question, but for me, it would lift a huge weight off my shoulders." - Uriah Courtney