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You make an excellent point about the differences in worldviews between East and West in your example about Chess and Go. In what ways does the United States need to broaden its worldview in order to successfully create a working relationship with China?

Between the two, which game do you prefer, Chess or Go?

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It is on his website danielpsheehan.com under the educator page. Second paragraph under the heading worldviews.

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Oh, those Washington Bullets again?

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Here is a link to free website called The Interactive Way to Go that teaches you about the game. It has a pretty solid tutorial as an introduction to the game that does a nice job explaining how the game works (the story at the end so to speak), while interactively teaching you how to play. Somewhere in the introduction it says something about just playing a hundred games of Go, not over-thinking things or worrying about losing, to get a sense of the game.

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Criticism of word usage aside, congrats on your notable achievement and self marketing skills, you and your family should be proud!

However, I am not sure that humble means what you think it does, (cough) "AskMe Anything I work at NASA". Humility would be not telling people unless they asked, rather than 'Hi my name is Zac I worked at NASA'.

Source: Bitter middle-aged underachiever that did not work at NASA