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4 questions -

  1. I've noticed in GNR footage, you rising up off of the throne and coming down on the kick - is that you doing "heel toe" or another technique

  2. Is that how you got the nickname "popcorn"?

  3. Was that you that yelled "Alright!" at the beginning of My Michelle?

  4. Can we Jam? :D

Love you man! Thanks for being you!

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For forensics there are some distributions that have a nicely packaged toolkit. Do you use these distros or do you tend to build your own toolkit? What is in your toolkit?

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Do you get paid to do this?

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What do you think about the Mandela Effect and claims that it is caused by CERN? (This question falls into the Anything category).

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Do you ever worry about when you will become the mark?