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What was your most memorable moment working with them?

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Will we see spring in Minnesota this year?

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I have been following (previously dealt with) Tim Langdell's USPTO claims for a few years. I've come to the conclusion that the USPTO is broken, since he has managed to delay every case while representing himself. What are your thoughts on the current USPTO system?

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Tim Langdell (Edge Games Inc.) has claimed the EDGE™ mark in the US and EU for some time, although he has no goods to back it up. He just attempts to scare people into licensing the EDGE™ from him. You can learn a lot about this trademark troll from here.

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When you retrieved the credit card databases was all the information in that same table? I would assume that they used MD5 and not plain numerical/text so decryption would have had to happen. Was that the case? If so how did you achieve that?