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Is this FUE or FUT? And why did you choose to do so..

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What else do you need to do to have the HT? Do you need to take propecia forever after this procedure?

Do you need to shave your head for the procedure?

Will you need a second transplant in the future?

And how many grafts will this take?

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Serious question that I’ve never gotten and answer to - sometimes I can only move my bowels between about 10am and 3-4pmish.. no matter how badly I have to go.

Seriously, 9pm at night, not happening! Even if I’m bent over in pain needing to go..

I’ve brought it up to people and they treat it like a joke, but mostly I’m too embarrassed to say..

Is there some kind of internal body clock with my colon/intestines that happens? Or could that be a sign of some kind of issue?

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What the hell is everyone talking about?

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I’m in my late 30s with GI issues for years. Doctor chalked it up to IBS and doesn’t seemed concerned. (Waking up with diarrhea in the middle of the night often..stomach pain often..Having to RUN to the bathroom at times, many times a day..then having days where I cannot go for many days, but the pain is there)

My grandfather died of colon cancer in his late 60s, my father has intestinal cancer in his 60s, and my doctor says they don’t screen for it until 10 years before your family member was diagnosed.

And because I’m young(ish) my insurance won’t cover a colonoscopy and my dr doesn’t seem concerned at all. Just keeps saying I don’t need it until I’m in my 40s

What can I do to screen for colon cancer or other intestinal cancers in the mean time?

Should I demand a colonoscopy? Am I doomed knowing many family members who have been diagnosed so young?

Is there another way to look for cancers besides the colonoscopy?