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Please consider this partnership. It's important even in the festival to be safe and stay clean.

BuzzLightCadet10 karma

The 15th anniversary should have the Rolling Stones play. I would cry my eyes out

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One Over the years did you guys think that Bonnaroo would reach the level of popularity and notariaty that it has? Does this influence the direction the festival has?

Two Soon we reach Fifteen Year Anniversary, I'm proud to have gone to twelve. This Parking Crew Supervisor can't thank you enough for The years that we've had. My second question is, when the time comes to pass the torch onto the next gen, will there be opportunity for us, can we continue onto Infinty and beyond? This party kid wants a golden ticket.

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This year brings a whole new meaning to "The Meat of The Lineup". My question is now that there is a new generation of bands out on the circuit, new agents in the field is it possible to extend the growth of the community to new bands that are blazing trails?

ZOOGMA, Lotus, FUTUREBIRDS, Reptar, Popadosio just to name a few.... The new kids are ready to show the world what the can do.