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When I was about 14 I was very, very clinically depressed and not getting the proper help from my parents, was in a bad home situation in general. I had called into Loveline about something not even related, but the conversation ended up moving towards what a mess I was. You went into your theory that if everyone took responsibility for what little they could when shitty things happen, they'd feel more in control of their lives and circumstances, and ultimately a lot happier. You gave the example 'If you go to a store at noon on a Tuesday, and it's closed, you can either drive the whole way home cursing and bitching and furious that they weren't open when they should have been, or you could say to yourself 'Next time I'll call'. You don't have to hate yourself for it, but just shrug and say 'next time I'll call' and let it go. If you do that for everything in life, you'll be a lot happier'.

I took it to heart, something clicked and it really changed my life. I managed to find a clip of the audio of that call and I've transcribed it and sent it to friends who were suffering from depression too, and it's made an impact. I can't begin to tell you what a difference it's made in my life, and 12 years later I am a happy, well adjusted adult in a healthy and stable marriage, and I know for certain that I'm only here because of you and Dr. Drew, and listening to Loveline every night during my most vulnerable years of life.

So thank you, Adam. You're quite literally one of my heroes.

EDIT: sorry I didn't actually have a question. I just wanted to get that out... I saw you while you were on tour awhile back and wanted to tell you then, but got too nervous.

EDIT2: I was really hesitant to post the audio because I was worried someone would be able to find the actual episode and hear what I was calling about... which was really, really embarrassing and teenagery. However, there's a lot of demand and a lot of depressed people that want to hear this, and I want you all to hear it too. I'll take the risk, here it is.

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Why Everett, I never figured you for a paterfamilias!

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If, when he's about to go, you just push him as far back into your mouth as you can, it'll just spurt right down your throat as you swallow. You don't have to taste it and barely have to feel it. Give it a 'shot'. HAHAHA!

Sorry. But, yeah, give it a try when you're feeling brave.

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I probably would have done the same thing, but this reminds me of the episode of Planet Earth where the polar bear is trying desperately to get a baby... walrus was it? Or seal... at any rate, the entire time you're rooting for the seals, because you don't want to see a baby eaten in front of it's parents, but then the polar bear fails, and he lays down in a corner, exhausted, and dies of hunger there. Then you're not sure what the fuck you wanted.

Baby turtles are cute as fuck and all, but by saving them he may have starved a few seagulls or their chicks, which in turns starves whoever the hell eats the gulls, on and on. Circle of life and all that. Not saying what he did was wrong, but you can still be a part of nature and let it take it's course as it's meant to, as frustrating and cruel as nature happens to be :/

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I'd love to hear you play violin.

Aww! What a guy.