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look it at as a fun experiment. There are soooo many people in nyc -- I think my main problem was I was always HUNTING for a husband. Just enjoy everyone you meet as an experience to know what you don't want - or what you do ! Dating in new york is crazy but fun. New restaurants bars activities etc. Think of yourself in your own romantic comedy tv show -- each date is a new episode !

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I would say that I don't idolize it -- I'm very plainly saying in the book that what I did was NUTS ha. I'm literally telling people not to do these things, because of the pain it caused me. But also sharing experiences, like you said, so that in case people do -- they can have someone to relate to who is cool with embarrassing themselves on a public level. :)

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this may sound harsh but I like to give myself a time limit to be sad. Like ok -- i will allot myself x amount of time to wallow and eat ice cream, but then its time to buck up and get back out there. Why waste any more of your precious time on them!?

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I love rintintin and epistrophe in nolita for date nights -- super casual downtown but festive vibes. snuggly and delicious - and not tooo pricey. great cocktails too which is a must for me :)

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hahahaha. you tell him that next year you want something more thoughtful. not expensive... THOUGHTFUL.