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Generally, big pickup trucks apart from the RAM 1500 are not great to drive, but then again they aren't designed to be "fun to drive."

As for the zombie apocalypse, The Toyota Land Cruiser is the only choice. It's the toughest and most robustly built vehicle in the world.

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The market is dictated by what consumers are will to pay for. For what I see, the future is about quieter, more fuel-efficient aircraft. Until, supersonic airliners can fly the same route as their subsonic rivals at equal or similar costs, it's going to be 777s and A350s from here on out.

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Both Airbus and Boeing have proven that they can build quality planes. Especially when both OEMs source of many of the same component suppliers. Traditionally, Boeing's philosophy has been to focus on giving control to the pilots and letting the tech be there to help. While Airbus has been more tech-centric and that pilots play more of an oversight role. Which is why a lot of pilots especially in the US love their Boeings.

With the Boeing-Embraer JV and the Airbus acquisition of the Bombardier C Series, the duopoly is only getting stronger. There are now zero true rivals for the two.

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It sounds interesting. However, I don't cover SpaceX, so I don't know much about it. I'd ask Insider's Dave Mosher about it. He's the expert.

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It's tough to say. I don't think the industry is paying enough attention to fume events.