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How coffee affects your microbiome

The millions of microbes living in your gut (known as your microbiome) play an essential role in your gut and overall health. They can also have a significant impact on how you respond to food. To eat to support our best health, we need to understand how the things we eat and drink (coffee included) affect our gut inhabitants.  In our PREDICT studies, we took a closer look at how coffee consumption affects the microbiome. 

"We saw a very strong correlation between drinking coffee and the composition of the gut microbiome," says Nicola. "We noticed that people who drank coffee tended to have higher microbiome diversity."

"We also found that the link between coffee and the microbiome was dose-dependent, so people who drank more than four cups per day tended to have the highest microbiome diversity, compared with people who drank fewer cups or none at all."

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Yeah exactly this. I eat whatever I want but I wait until dinner to have my first meal. I eat pizza and trash every day but have lost and maintained - 20lvs this year. No exercise.

It's just all about calorie deficit and that's really all there is to it.

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Can you speak to alcohols effects on gut biome?

When I was an alcoholic I had constant stomach issues and weight issues but when I stopped my stomach squared itself away. Curious if anything good can live in an alcohol rich environment.

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Canada isn't as tolerant as the United States is with its borders. It's definitely a big deal to cross illegally.

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There are no foods known to increase resistance to a viral load of Corona virus. Covid 19 or otherwise. A health immune system in general gained from a balanced diet is always the best approach.