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Burning_Monkey1238 karma

What was it like meeting Wil Wheaton?

Did he totally go nerd weird?

Burning_Monkey7 karma

What was it like to work with Gary Oldman?

He seems like when he walks by there is a shock wave of crazy and awesome following like the sonic boom of a jet.

Same question for working with Christopher Walken?

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I find it funny that my artist calls it a tattoo gun.

Or at least the coil pack one she calls a gun. CAUSE IT HAMMERS LIKE A MACHINE GUN!! :D

Her new rotary machines are called tattoo machines though.

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No, but I can.

I live right down the road from a local winery and my land is actually better quality than theirs.

Burning_Monkey3 karma

I seethe with jealousy now.


Even if I wouldn't trade anonymity for anything.