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AH, I always called that the ol' prone bone.

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I’ve never been in line at a convenience store and seen a well dressed person who appears to have their shit together walk outside and start scratching tickets on the hood of their Mercedes.

Usually it’s like on the sides of the building and their $40 turns into $5, which turns into $0.

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I like how your autocorrect fixed a mis-typed from "raining" to rain gin.

I love it when it rains gin. Aka alone time.

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Every time I think I am over my fear of flying shit like this...

Eyeballing a fucking screw on a cockpit window. You would think there are multiple layers of checks and redundancies etc. you would think when your job is responsible for the lives of hundreds of people a any given moment "fuck it, close enough for rock n roll" wouldn't be in your vocabulary.

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My jam is that smuckers strawberry preserves with the big ass chunks.