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I never met a British soldier I didn’t like. Just like anyone they all had their quirks, but just great guys. They’re why I’m a Chelsea fan, and the only reason I watch “football” at all.

Edit: to the guy saying they were annoying in large numbers. All infantry are their own breed of annoying/boisterous lol can’t take em anywhere nice..

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I’ve already got ulcerative colitis... man take ‘er easy.

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What if you have to pee... or worse?

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I work in the oil field, and have seen Armageddon at least 3.5 times. I must ask, do you think it would be easier to train NASA astronauts to become drillers, or to train drillers to become astronauts? Ben Affleck has touched on the topic, but let’s be honest... he hasn’t been as cool since Phantoms. Also, are you guys hiring janitors? I mop one hell of a floor, and sometimes if I see unfinished equations on a blackboard and I like to draw penises over them.

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How is the research of peptides from various theraphosidae progressing in terms of finding some sort of new treatment for MD? I haven’t read anything new in it in a while. Last I had heard they were doing research on G. Rosea. Why not something that has more of an observable myotoxin like effect such as a poecilotheria ornata or p. Murinus? Seems like they picked a weak contestant for research.